I'm too short to reach the top shelf and I wear too many bracelets.
-The Mukseteers
-Danny Bhoy
-David Bowie
-Tom Hiddleston
-The Avengers
-Kingdom Hearts



Life on Mars (2006-2007)

"Just so that you know. I don’t hate everything about this place".

3 Year Anniversary of Ashes to Ashes’ ending || 21/05/2010

"…A group of people who’ve become really very special to me over time, and… And I think it’s very important at occasions like this to… Well, to let people know your, your real feelings about them. And as I might not be with you for very much longer, I just wanted to say that… well, that, that I love you. Each and, each and every one of you. I love you. So, bon voyage!


and principal Fury ..

That’s mean “Hello my lovely student” …